It's the new white


It's official! Gray, is the NEW white! And here is another perfect example of it used beautifully by Carrier and Company. Design team Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller have pulled together an inviting palette with grays, bleached wood, natural steel and poppy. In the living space open to the kitchen area, they paired gray with icey blue. One might think it would come across a little too industrial. But this home has all the industrial elements paired with soft touches, to create a comfortable balance. The Wrought Iron Coffee table with distressed would top says, "eat dinner here" You know the gray is dark enough to withstand a little abuse. This home could be casually elegant with slipcovered cream linen everywhere, but instead gray creates the exact same effect with 1/2 the maintenance. The formal dining room does what is should - highlights a beautifully crafted table and set of chairs. It's a little minimalist, but something tells me the view behind the windows and doors will add to the ambiance.
You can visit Carrier and Company's Website here, for an inspiration from their incredible portfolio.

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  1. VERY pretty! The living room appeals to me so much....those colorful throw pillows make a big statement against the gray. Love it!

  2. I never thought of gray as the new white I thought of it as the new brown. . . hmmm. . . maybe it's both :)

  3. Fabulous, I adore it and am using it with white on my latest project.


  4. I have a pair of sunglasses with gray lenses and I love the way everything that is white has a gray-ish cast over it. Even on the sunniest of days, it sort of reminds me that clouds do have silver linings. I love that open kitchen lounge room.

  5. I love grey :-) We have a lot of grey in our house, including the hallway, which is a great light grey (Pratt & Lambert Windham).

    I think grey is so pretty and soothing. And it works well with so many other colours.


  6. Gorgeous spaces! I love the new white!


  7. So glad you pointed out this fabulous color! It really is popping up everywhere and I am loving it!

  8. I do love gray as long as it is on the warm side, then it feels so rich and envelopes you.
    I really enjoy all your posts so much. Great photos.

  9. Have just finished installing a grey and white kitchen and am about to paint the exterior of our house grey. These pictures have confirmed my love for the most versatile colour EVER! wishes, NM.

  10. I've always loved gray -my entire apartment is shades of gray even! Love these interiors -great photos!

  11. I have been saying that grey is the new white for ages, and new black!!!


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