It's Electric


Interior Photography by Evan Joseph

When Balenciaga presented their Fall 2010 Ready to Wear Line up, I was invigorated.   The colours were electric, and the fit was fun and relaxed yet still quite structured.. The five outfits selected here are some of my favorites from this brilliant collection by Nicolas Ghesquière.  For someone who loves colour as much as I do, I set out to find how these vivid combinations would fare in an interior setting, and was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful rooms awaiting discovery. 
 Interior Photography by Michael Partenio
 Interior by Pheobe Howard
 Interior by Billy Baldwin (Via AD)
Interior by Frank Roop

Photo Credits:  All Fashion Images from,

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  1. You did an amazing job of finding photos that really capture the essence of the clothing. I love this post. xo, Cristi

  2. These photos are great!! they fit so well!
    I really love your work!!

  3. Ron ( Empel Collections)March 24, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    You realy nailed it!!
    They do make perfect matches.
    We have seen this done before, but never as good as this post. It seems you have a talent for this.
    Love your blog. I am subcribed for a while now. I am not a big comment-person, I think this is my first on your blog. When a compliment is due, I cannot keep silent.
    Ron ( Empel collections)

  4. You matched the outfit and room perfectly ;) I like the decor of the first room with those wide open doors.

  5. Perfect reflections of one another; design, colour, texture... everything!

  6. Thanks very much taking the time to comment Ron. I usually don't comment back on the post, but try to visit respective blogs or send emails.. as often as I can. Since I don't have your contact info, here I am.. I appreciate you making a special point of complimenting my work.

    Thanks Cristi, Lorna, Victoria, Patty and Heather as well.. It was a a challenging but fun way for me to incorporate my love of fashion into this blog.. so you may see more of it..


  7. I love that you found rooms that match the outfits :-) And they all look great!!

    I'm doing something similar for tomorrow's post on our blog :-)


  8. Great post. I love how you combined fashion and interiors. Incredible

  9. When I dropped by earlier I forgot to thank you for your supportive comments on my home-staging post & project... cheers! You mentioned that the before dining room - with it's plastic lawn mower - reminded you of your place... well, I don't have a toy lawn mower in my place but I do have some (but thankfully not all!) of that clutter in various corners!! Yikes! Well... I'm not selling ;-)

    See you around!

  10. I love posts like these where the clothing is matched with a room! I love all of them.

  11. Wow - what a great post.

  12. Wonderfully composed! I adore the second look most of all...I have been staring at for a little while now. The colors cheme and details are beautiful.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind comments*


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