Keeping Cool with Green and Blue


When it comes to keeping cool on hot summer days, I can't help but be drawn to these crisp and cool colour combinations.   It's no secret green is my favorite colour-but when paired with blue,  greens take on a whole new personality.  The two colours that come together most often in nature are lively, and energetic.   I can't help but feel recharged and ready to enjoy my day.

 All photos taken from the portfolio of Samantha Pynn, decorator, stylist, and the host and principal designer of Pure Design on HGTV and ccontributing Design Editor for STYLE AT HOME magazine.

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  1. This combination is very refreshing and keeps the mind cool. It's adorable!

  2. I was just getting ready to post on the very same blue and green!

    One of my favorite combos.

  3. I love this colour combination too! Samantha Pynn's work is always so fresh and youthful.

  4. Love this, so fresh! The window panels and the green/white chair fabrics are my favorites, just perfect!

  5. Yes I know what you mean. I love this colour combination too and the first picture is one of my current favourites. I keep it in my treasures file.

    Thank you for your lovely and supportive comments lately. I haven't gotten around to replying to everyone who has been so sweet to me over the past two weeks. You are always so nice and I love hearing from you. So a really heartfelt thank you again!

    xx C

  6. Thank you, thank you. I'm positively cool as a cucumber now...whew!
    This is always a calming stop for me you know...
    Just posted about our dear mutual friend. Have a lovely weekend.
    xo Lisa

  7. I completely agree. The curtains in the second and third images are gorgeous!


  8. Hi, this combination is refreshing and I loved your images selection.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  9. The colors are quite inspiring. I'm also digging the painting in the fourth picture, minimal, peaceful, but with hints of energy. Very cool.

  10. The color combination makes me think of days at our cottage. Sky, lake and nature. Nice. thank you for the inspiration and walk down Memory Lane.


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