Modern Magic in Paris


I love the idea of taking this old and glorious Paris apartment, and highlighting it's amazing architectural elements by streamlining all the furnishings and living with the bare minimals.  The gold fabric ads to the warmth and character that you would expect from such a home, and yet is clear of all the other typical selections.  The modern dining room is just fabulous, and I love how the real art comes from architectural detailing in the walls, floors, and fireplaces. 

The firm that created this interior is Studio Ko out of France,  The design team Karl Fournier, and Oliver Marty typically create ultra sleek and quite contemporary dwellings.  So this little gem on their website was a pleasant surprise.  Be warned, there is some haunting music playing as you browse through their portfolio.   

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  1. * This is so lovely! I so much like the minimalistic approach here, accentuating the incredible architecture that can be seen so readily in Europe... it turned out quite warm and welcoming (a hard thing to accomplish!)~~~ Glad you shared this!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. *P.S. I would LOVE to have those giraffes!!!! *

  3. The gold and the light are fantastic.

  4. OMG this is so stunning. It's lush without being tacky and I am totally struck by all the gorgeous dripping gold!!

    What a find! Thanks for sharing.

    xx Charlotta

  5. i love how the french mix it up.
    they just 'GET IT.'


  6. One of my favourite Elle Decoration tour ever! I need one of those lights- love!!! I love all the black and gold done in a modern way- it's stunning.

  7. I love this space! The gold is so warm and inviting - I could spend hours lounging around on that chic golden velour sofa in a leopard print robe and French lingerie! (a girl can dream, right?)


  8. love your blog!! :)

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  9. Oh how I love this space! The paneling is exquisite.


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