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I was thrilled when Michelle over at A Schematic Life asked me to participate in her 6 Objects de Vie series.  How could I resist ?  In fact, I found it hard narrowing it down to just 6 items.  So here are a few things in my life that keep me feeling stylish.  I didn't think you wanted to hear me sing the praises of my front load washer and dryer.  Of course that would be under my Objects de Survival.

A Place to Gather

A room with seating like the picture above just screams family gathering.  I can hear the laughter and see the food spread out on the table.  This weekend escape, located an hour away from Sydney, Australia. was built for grandchildren  and all the wonderful memories they'll make.

The open concept floor plan is perfect, especially the neat division of space from room to room.  The sunken living room, and the glass doors that divide the breezy outdoor rooms.  A neutral palette complimented by pale blues and greens inspired by the unique ocean-scape outdoors.

Image Credit and story:  Architectural Digest, Open Auditions

Brilliant Really

RACEWAY, acrylic on wood panel, 46 x 46 in (117 x 117 cm) 2008

HEATH, acrylic on wood panel, 27 x 21 in (69 x 53 cm) 2007

NET, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 in (93 x 93 cm) 2009 

PIVOT, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 in (93 x 93 cm) 2005

  Need colour? Found it!  Beautiful bursts of bright, vivid colour to add excitement and energy to your life  These are the wonderful works of  Kylie Heidenheimer, Florida born artist now living in NYC.  Each piece is a play on light and darkness, with a focus on natural elements.  Aqueous, atmospheric, these works feel like a point of process.  They pull you in or shut you out. Colour is captivating.

 Brilliant really.

LODE, acrylic on wood panel, 27 x 17 in (68.6 x 43.2 cm) 2005
PARABLE, acrylic on cork sheet, 12 x12 in (31 x 31 cm) 2008

LIGHTS, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 in (122 x 122 cm), 2007

 VEIL, acrylic on cork sheet, 12 x 12 in (31 x 31 cm) 2006

Modern Charm

After an extensive renovation, that included maintaining the historical footprint of the home, this California residence is outfitted with modern life and traditional charm.  Just North of San Francisco, perched upon the Tiburon Peninsula is this fabulous residence, that is filled with a warm glow of yellow and orange, a cool black and white room for musical  entertainment, a calm bedroom retreat, and a breathtaking terrace and garden inviting you outdoors.   

This sun-kissed residence is the astounding work of The Wiseman Group.  Windows are bare to encourage the wonderful view, intricate wood furnishings are placed where they can be admired, and colours are used to enhance all season living.  Extensive planning went into the gardens for easy maintenance, but also to complement the homes Mediterranean character.

The Calm Space: When Wondering leads to Great Design

I think it starts with desire; for something new, for something different, for something that will be a true reflection of you, and that is when the magic begins. You begin to Wonder, ‘What if I took a chance and switched things up around here?”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took all the colour out of a room, and decided to live in pure and simple white? What if you decided that you needed a room that belonged just to you, and made sure the boys would keep out by adding a lot of pink? Here are just a few examples of designers whose wondering lead to great design..... MORE

I am over at The Calm Space this week, with an inspiring little article about wondering.

Pull it together..It's Nate Day !

It's Nate Day! 

In Honour of Nate Berkus and his highly anticipated show launching  this fall,  bloggers are uniting today  to give him a little love. Here is a recent collaboration that was featured in Elle Decor.

Located on Lincoln Park in Chicago is this fabulous apartment conversion owned by Oprah's exec producer Ellen Rakieten.  Fortunately for Ellen, she has access to two fabulous designers to help her pull together a sophisticated and extremely stylish space for her young family.  She called on the Oprah Show, design expert Nate Berkus, to bring clean and classic lines to a home full of boys, and her neighbour and dear friend, designer  Anne Coyle, to help her incorporate her love all things girly chic.

Ellen describes herself as having multiple decorating personalities (I can relate) of which Berkus ensured could all live happily under one roof.   Evidence of  his influence in the lacquered library above, the modern kitchen below, and the simple and elegant master bath.   

Anne Coyle offers a wonderful dose of traditional design, in the dining room and master bedroom.  The light fixtures are exquisite, including the one in the dressing room, that hangs over another incredible piece, the a Poillerat style table. 

Home owner, Ellen Rakieten made a great decision when she decided to hire two  designers to help her define her style.  It's clear that with her own appreciation of various styles, and trying to meet the needs of her husband and children (both boys) that getting the designers to play off each other was a brilliant move.  \

Recently featured in Elle Decor, full story, more pics, and product details in the March 2010 issue.

If you can't get enough of the charming and stylish Nate Berkus, you'll be able to get your fill soon.  This fall he'll be the star of his own show. 
It launches September 13, I can't wait!

Seaside Blues

Well here is a little colour inspiration if, like me, you still have the blues.  Of course, it helps that this shingle style home is located right on the sea, and draws so much of it's colour from right outside the windows.  But I think even in the suburbs, a palette like this will be refreshing and comforting year long.   

This homes architectural features are exquisite.  Above, is a circular library located in the tower, with it's domed ceiling and exposed mahogany beams creating a dramatic play on light.   The entrance hall, has a fireplace, and the detailing on the French Doors and Windows are delightful, especially when stained dark.  Ceilings are arched and trimmed to perfection, and in the master bedrooms, the ceiling is stipple painted to look like the sky. 

By the large seating areas by the pool and  in both the family and living rooms, this is clearly a home that was built for large groups to enjoy.  The home is also outfitted with a guest house,  a bowling alley, fully equipped gym , and naturally a bar and pool table. 
The home was originally featured in AD October 2008.  Although, it is filled with countless exorbitant details, Interior Designer Anne Mullin Segerson did a fabulous of job of making it tasteful and unpretentious.   Architecture by Robert A. M. Stern Architects. 

Cottage in Contrast

As opposed to traditional, this Alabama based interior designer chose a modern contrast to decorate her cottage.  Betsy Brown has brilliantly co-ordinated her relaxed and unpretentious home into a place anyone would love to live in.  Colours like avocado, burnt reds, and even lavender are crisp against stark white walls.

Antiques are incorporated with restraint, to highlight their unique design allowing  for a modern and linear feel.

Artwork is displayed with much interest.  Leaning back on walls from table tops to floors, some mounted with precision, other scattered about. 

And of course, in areas where a little pieace is required, like bedrooms nnd home office, touches of colour make their way into the remove evoking wonderful emotions.  The lavender bedroom (2 above) is quiet and soothing.  The office had hints of excitment with and avocado green table, perhaps the inspiration needed to get the day going.

This cottage house is filled with sharp contrasts of colour and furnishings. 
The full story was featured here at House Beautiful.


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