The Gwen Factor


Yeah, she is pretty fabulous! I have always  really admired Gwen Stefani's sense of style, even the wacky stuff.  I love that she is on fashion blogs everywhere a hit one week, and a miss the next.  It says a lot about how confident she is.  Love the teal, love the red, love the blonde  and I love the wallpaper too..:-)

One day, I may even share with you a story about how I tried to get my hair this colour.  On second thought, maybe not.

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  1. Been following Gwen since the world was first introduced to her, it has been very interesting, as yes, so unique and true to self.

  2. Would love to hear your color its a good one! I love her because she is very authentic about who she is and you have to admire that.

  3. She does have a vibrant style.
    She reminds me a little of Madonna in her younger years.

  4. Love Gwen and these photos are gorgeous! Yes, do tell your hair story! Would you believe I had blonde streaks eons ago? xo


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