By the Beach


Palm Beach that is. 
Photographer and socialite Kelly Klein, built herself a fabulous little paradise in Palm Beach Florida to reflect some new changes in her life.  She credits her paired down and simplified aesthetic to the influence of her ex, Calvin Klein.  But I would have to think this kind of style is just in you. The calm in this home is fantastic.  The warm wood and creamy whites keep it clean and natural. But my favorite feature is the wood ceiling throughout. Tiles on the floor make it an indoor outdoor home that is easy to tidy up, and that ceiling brings all that warmth you miss from a hardwood floor in without any maintenance. 

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  1. I love all the texture...against the blue!

  2. Wow, beautiful. I would be so relaxed here! What a view.

  3. Okay, you did it for me with this one. I WANT THIS HOUSE and will do anything for it!!! Even the Mohammed Ali picture is awesome. My hubby would want this house even more just because of the picture.

  4. Simply stunning! I was just looking at wood walls and ceilings on Pinterest today. I want to do that in my bedroom.

  5. This is really a dream home for anyone who wants to get away with the hassle and buzzle of the city life.

  6. I literally just drooled. My favourite house ever. EVER!

  7. Beautiful! Can I ask where you got the living area chairs from? The wood with leather cushion?

  8. Amazing Interiors. I would love to know where you got your lounge chairs from in Solid Wood and Leather?


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